The Grey Islands

I think Mike's adventure that he is embarking on qualifies as extreme craft. This from his site: "The Grey Islands is a three-month interdisciplinary ceramic art project. During the summer of 2009 I will live alone on the Grey Islands while I make and document a site-specific ceramic art piece. The installation itself will be quite simple. I will build a wood-fired kiln according to a traditional design, only I will invert the design so that in principle the kiln will be inside-out. Therefore, in a conceptual sense, the entire island will be "inside" the kiln - when I fire the kiln I will be firing the island. Upon my return from the islands I will create an exhibition based on the documentation and my experiences there. The ultimate purpose of The Grey Islands is to say that even within the material-oriented craft genres traditional hierarchies of medium and concept need to be reevaluated. " link

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