Painted Manhole Covers

Yes, Virginia, there is a blog about Japanese manhole covers. These examples are painted as well as the usual embossing. I love it when a culture sees the value in designing even the mundane, functional items of life. Let's get better manhole covers, America! via ackackack and Toxel


  1. If you think those are cool, check out their fire hydrants:

  2. Brian - Cool. Thanks. Those are great.

  3. Hi Paul Overton,
    I am a true manhole cover afficionado.
    My whole art web site is based on the theme of manhole covers and water covers. I create the works from scratch. Please check out my web site and comment on my blog at or my
    Your blog is impressive, posting the unique and unusual.Kudos and "Grate Wishes!"
    Bobbi Mastrangelo
    "The Grate Lady"