Weird Russian Plant Beautification

Ran across these photos this morning and was struck by the juxtaposition of soviet era industrialism and pastoral landscape painting. Here, as best as I can understand using Google translate, is the deal:

"in 1989 a man named Gennady Vlasov, who had worked at the time the plant designer designer, on its own initiative (working evenings and weekends) painted these cabinets, with about 100 landscapes, like his, and copying pictures Scherbakova, Aivazovsky, etc. As He told me in a telephone conversation: working dirtied these cases, and in the shop was dirty, his desire was to maintain cleanliness in the shop. Ostensibly razrisovannye cabinets will be working to take care of. "
link via Dark Roasted Blend


  1. Despite the fact that I live in this city, I never heard about these pictures. Make sure you ever try to go there. Thank you =)

  2. I will try to go there and see this.

  3. Let me know if you find out anything else about it! Thanks for the comments!