Can Delight

While stumbling around the 2modern blog this morning, I ran across this excellent idea for hanging pendant lamps. I imagine the cast offs from one graffiti artist could yield an entire showroom of these babies. Brought to you by the clever kids at Zek. via 2Modern


  1. Utterly wonderful...the lights & your post title.

  2. Please excuse my chick-ist ignorance, but my mommy always told me it was a bad idea to puncture spray cans. (She was wrong about everything else she told me, but I've stuck with that advice for some reason) How did you go about emptying the cans?

  3. Well, I didn't do it, but I imagine that the kids who did held the spray can upside down and waited until there wasn't a hissing sound anymore, then probably made a small puncture with a nail or screw, making sure that the can was completely depressurized before they went about removing the bottom. Just a guess.