Here's Value

Okay, so things keep happening that are directly related to this post and this podcast. Since then, I have been looking around for examples of folks who add value to their work by letting us have a peek at their process and ,sometimes, their life.

Today I visited Aprons and Hammers, the blog of Emma Greenwood, which I do on a weekly basis. Emma makes incredible shoes and she blogs about all manner of things, but today was extra special. Today there was this sweet little video of Emma doing something called "lasting" which involves pounding shoe-making tacks into leather. It's a short video, a static shot, no narration. It was just a video of Emma doing what she does...making shoes. But three things put this seemingly simple video in the awesome category. 1. It's a fascinating technique that you never get to see. 2. Emma is really good at it. It's a pleasure to watch the absolute certainty of her movements as she works her way around the shoe. 3. It makes you realize the tremendous amount of work that goes into a pair of shoes, effectively making the price tag seem like a bargain.

This is the simple kind of value-adding activity that I've found myself talking about so much lately. I think anybody who aspires to make money from their work could certainly benefit from taking a page from Emma's playbook. Sometimes the making is just as fascinating as the end result and if we, the buyers, can see even a little of it through your lens, we, or at least I, will be much more willing to open my wallet. If Emma keeps this up, I would be entirely surprised if she didn't find herself inundated with orders for custom-made shoes. Bravo.


  1. Look at her with her tacks in her mouth. She's ace, isn't she? Yes she IS!!! Fantastic.