Pablo Did It First

Uh, note to the "new" light graffiti artists...Picasso was doing it in 1949. That doesn't diminish it's coolness, I'm just sayin'. from Wooster Collective


  1. Somewhere out there is a video of Picasso painting backwards on a sheet of glass while telling a story describing the events as they happen in his painting. Its awsome.

  2. Our camping trips always include nightime light painting. I'll have to tell my son that he and Picasso have something in common! He's always been impressed with a story we heard a long time ago about Picasso... rumor has it he used to dine out in style and pay his bill with a check. Somewhere on the check he would scribble out a doodle or two. No one ever cashed his checks lest they give away an original Pablo Picasso! I don't know how true that tale is, but it's a cool story either way.

  3. Thanks for the comments, y'all! Christina - Yeah. I heard that story. Even if it's not true, it's still a cool thing to think of him.