Sick Houseboat!

Oh my goodness. David Ballinger is my new hero. This thing is incredible. Seven years of development and probably countless dollars later, the result is a thoroughly modern floating piece of art, This from the site:

“I wanted to develop a houseboat that let a wash of light in (always a problem with houseboats - hence why you see so many windows on the newer houseboats). It wasn’t just about the look of the boat, it was more about the production, the quality, the simplicity, the interior feel and above all the quality of life on the floating boat. The result is something Philippe Starck would be proud of - where the design has grown and developed on its own, as a result of solving a problem with houseboat products.”
from design milk


  1. Right? My lottery winnings would definitely go toward a similar boat, if I had any lottery winnings.

  2. Since my wife and I live on a houseboat, we get to visit plenty of houseboats, and has to be one of the most modern, open air styled boats around.

    On our houseboat website, we get to answer all kinds of questions from folks who are interested in building, buying, or even renting a houseboat.

    Like I said, great article and pictures, and thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

    IAN from

  3. Thanks IAN! I'll definitely check out your site!


  4. Oh. I want to live on a houseboat... I want to sail down the river each day and make jam and drag a fishing line lazily over the edge. What a life it would be! Lovely images - a bit fancy for me - no gingham curtains!! xx

  5. Pip - Agreed. Mine would have to be slightly funkier, but the idea is lovely. The Craft Barge! Ahoy!

  6. Of course, for some people it's more about having the boat than how it looks ;)