Georg Jensen, purveyors of fine jewelry and housewares, a storied and reputable company that has, for the last hundred years, put out some fairly good looking stuff has just produced what is quite possibly the douchiest bicycle ever made. This from the ad copy:

"The surface of the bicycle resembles the handmade hammered surface of the unique silver hollowware pieces created and made by Georg Jensen himself 100 years ago. These hammer marks is today the epitome of Georg Jensen and still a very important part of the way the Georg Jensen silverware is made. The Georg Jensen bicycle has a handmade sterling silver plated bell. The wonderful leather grips and saddle are made by Brooks England, who is renowned for their high standard bicycle accessories, The bicycle is designed and produced in close cooperation between Georg Jensen and Danish Søren Sögreni who have built a reputation for unique and contemporary designed bicycles. Dedicated to design, quality and craftsmanship first the Sögreni design concept fits hand in glow with Georg Jensen."
Now, I don't know what "hand in glow" means (all the copy is a mess) but, c'mon people, a bicycle? The people's mode of transportation? Sure, make jewelry, make housewares, make watches...put it all in a big, shiny pile and call it luxury, but don't make bikes, please. I mean, I wouldn't mind paying for a cool bike if it had, say, extra ornate lugs or an amazing chain ring design, or, uh, anything that was actually cool. This bike has none of that. You can't even blow up the picture to be any larger. Heck, there aren't even any details about the other bike parts except for the frame finish, the seat/grips and the bell. It's a glorified Bianchi Pista as far as I can tell. Big whoop. Oh, and Mr. I've got $5500 to blow on a bike...don't, because that thing is gonna get ganked faster than you can say pretentious. This is a perfect example of a brand's foray into a world they know nothing about, simultaneously insulting bicycle people and weakening their brand at the same time. Georg Jensen, if your going to make something, make it good for god's sake. link via notcot


  1. Wow. Horrifying. What were they thinking?

  2. The copy canNOT have been written by a native speaker of English.

    I mean, ad copy is frequently ridiculous, but usually (usually) subjects agree with verbs and hands go in gloves. geez, louise.

    And I don't ever want to think about a bike made by someone known for hollow-ware (never mind ride such a bike). Really? Did someone think that was a selling point?

    ick, ick, ick.

  3. so, what?
    you're saying you don't like the bike then?!

    couldn't resist.

    ahhh i do love the Jensen jewellery.
    bikes? not so much.

  4. Hahahaha! Projectivist - Thanks for throwing the pebble of levity into my pond of snark.