Killian Mansfield - Rest in Peace

Killian passed away last night. At this time, I'm having difficulties writing anything resembling a fitting tribute. Perhaps, because he lived so large and with such courage, there aren't really any adequate words to describe him. He spent every waking moment pumping positivity into the world, and this planet is a colder place without him. He was a kid I looked up to. Lots of people did.

Thanks to all of you who made cranes. I'm not sure what the family wishes with regard to this project now, so I think that it would be safest to stop sending them at this point or until otherwise notified.

Please DO keep purchasing his CD though. Proceeds will insure that other kids with cancer will receive the integrated therapies that they need. It's available here, on Amazon.

Goodbye, my friend. I can't wait to play ukuleles with you again.


  1. RIP.

    I'll be buying this CD for my husband's stocking this year. We received one as a wedding present and he learned to play. We bought one for our daughter for her first birthday and she loves to strum and sing with it. Plus, more monies towards cancer care is always a good thing in my book.

  2. Heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing his story with us.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing a small part of his story with us.

  4. i'm still making cranes. i can't stop

  5. I just mailed mine on Friday. Sorry to hear he wont get to see them. I hope they bring his family some happiness though to know that a whole community of people who didnt even know him came together for such a special project. I am sorry for your loss, Paul, and thank you again for bringing us all together in such a meaningful way.

  6. i play the ukulele i think this is so sad