Magno Radio

Why, yes, I would like to have a radio made out of wood. These little beauties retail for $250, but if the price ever drops, you can count on one residing in Casa DudeCraft. This from the site: "Singgih Kartono chooses wood for his radios not just based on aesthetics but on his appreciation of wood's simplicity and organic vitality. The Magno radio combines the most current mp3 player compatible electronics with sustainably grown woods." link


  1. I was given the smallest one of these for Christmas last year. It is adorable and makes NPR just that much more fun to listen to.

    Oddly enough, I think the smallest is the most charming of the group. I really like the lack of a prominent logo ... and who needs to see what station they are on anyway?

  2. Jared - You lucky fellow! I agree that the smallest one looks the best. Thanks for the comment.