Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut

Adrift in all the amazing things over at Design Sponge, I spotted a post a new paper art book called Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut. The few pictures featured in the post were enough to elevate my blood pressure. Looks like an absolute winner.


  1. Yeah...this book looks like a real keeper.

  2. Indeed. If you get a copy, let me know how it is. Looks really promising.

  3. What's with all the papercraft books being released this season? Space tem out please, I can't affor dthem all! I just ordered "Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper" so I don't think my budget allows for another purchase so soon, but this one if definitely going on my Xmas list. Also coveting the "Tangible" and "Tactile" books from the same publisher (Die Gestalten Verlag).