Pressed Into Action - The Work of Benjamin Shine

I got a great email yesterday from British-born artist/designer/inventor, Benjamin Shine. I was, in short, blown away by the work. This cat does everything, and he does it all well. Take the piece pictured above, a portrait of Rembrandt that was constructed from a single piece of pleated and pressed tulle. Amazing, no? You definitely owe yourself an extended tour of Benjamin's website to see what else he's been up to. You won't be sorry. And Benjamin, thanks for sharing! link


  1. WOWEE. Just when you think you may have seen every form of creativity there is, something like this comes along and informs you that after all, we're just getting started.

  2. Diane - Right? I think this guys stuff is astounding! It's so cool that he includes some process shots as well. Makes it seem even more incredible to me.