Somewhere Else

I don't often use this blog to make a difference or push anything, but I'm making an exception here and I hope you will 1. forgive me and 2. help out. A 16 year old friend of mine named Killian Mansfield (we have played much ukulele together) who is battling a rare form of cancer has just put out an album with some amazing guest stars on it including Levon Helm, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, John Sebastian and many more. There is a concerted effort underway to try to push this album all the way to number one on the Amazon music charts and to keep it there for as long as possible. All proceeds from this record go to Killian's foundation which supports integrated therapies for kids with cancer. Now here's a kid who cares enough to try and make a real difference in the world, even when he's not feeling well. Amazing and humbling, to me. This from the page:

"SOMEWHERE ELSE is the dream project of Killian Mansfield, a 15-year-old ukulele wizard from Woodstock, NY who is battling a rare form of cancer. Eclectic, uplifting, fun and funky, SOMEWHERE ELSE is a mix of songs performed by Killian with critically acclaimed singers and musicians including Dr. John, Kate Pierson, John Sebastian, Todd Rundgren and Levon Helm. Proceeds benefit the Killian Mansfield Foundation, which supports and promotes Integrative Therapies for children with cancer. Produced and engineered by Ralph Legnini (former studio sidekick for Todd Rundgren and Nile Rodgers), SOMEWHERE ELSE includes world class rock, jazz, blues, country and folk musicians doing a lot of genre hopping, (picture B-52's Kate Pierson with renowned country fiddler Jay Ungar!) There is truly something for everyone on this remarkable CD."

Here's the link

You know what to do. And, hey, thanks!


  1. I'm always on the lookout for something new & inspiring to listen to while crafting. I always have music on...a personal soundtrack for my life. I will have to get this sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing...and tweeting about it!


  2. Thanks June. It is much appreciated.

  3. Coming out of lurk for a comment.

    I've lost a great number of friends and family members to cancer, so this cause is dear to my heart. I've seen what it can do to the strongest people I knew, and it crushes me to even think about kids going through it.

    I've got a copy of the cd earmarked for my next paycheck, and I'm anxious to hear it. I love uke music!

  4. Elise - Thanks so much. Killian is surely the bravest kid I've ever met.