Y-Wing Sleeping Loft

Geek with too much time on his hands and expendable income alert! No, but seriously, although I wouldn't want this in my house, I don't mean to detract from the overall awesomeness of this project. The house that this is in, by the way, is for sale, so if you DO want this in your house, you could have it.via Make


  1. wow.
    someone has put A LOT of thought into that room.
    i am really hoping it's not a 35yo man.
    that image is just stuck in my mind for some reason.
    not so if you're dating him though.

  2. Yeah, I guess it would be sort of a mood killer to combine candlelight, soft music, fine wine, and a star wars bunk bed...although, if he found the right girl, it would be a match for life.

  3. That is just amazing. My 8 year old would blow a gasket if he found that in his room.