Book Review - Creating a Blog Audience

Finding and building an audience for your blog can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. New bloggers are usually either paralyzed by fear or tend to run around in dark rooms searching for the light switch, knocking over furniture as they go. A little guidance can go a long way in this area, and I can think of no better tour guide than Diane Gilleland.

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  1. I finally read this book and Diane's "Making a Great Blog."

    Both ebooks contained awesome info and easy steps on how to apply her methods. She also confirmed some things that I already knew. That was a great comfort to me to know that I was doing some thing right!

    I hate when books promise you all of this great info and they just end up floating around the topics. Not Diane, She gave detailed info as to what, why and how.

    Thanks Paul for recommending. I would of never found these gems.

  2. Jeanee - My pleasure. Glad you liked it.