Cut Paper Show in New York

Well, looks like I'm going to have to go to NYC sometime between October and April to see this amazing show at the Museum of Arts and Design. Check out the details:

"the museum of arts and design will begin a new exhibition next month dedicated to the phenomenon of cut paper in contemporary art. the exhibition will feature numerous paper based works by 50 international artists, including 12 site-specific works in the museum. these pieces will be built and installed during the show giving the publicc a chance to peer into the creative process. while paper has a traditional role as a surface for art, this exhibt explores artwork that uses paper as a medium in itself. curated by the museum’s chief curator, david revere mcfadden, ‘slash’ is the third exhibit in MAD’s materials and process series after previous shows on knitting and embroidery. artists on show include thomas demand, olafur eliasson,tom friedman, noriko ambe, judy pfaff and chris kenny, among others."
Sounds amazing, no?



  1. I am definitely going to this when I'm back east for Thanksgiving.

  2. Bizmiss - Yeah, I hear you. I might really have to take a weekend and drive to the city to see this.

  3. The book ones are inspired. I love me some negative space.

  4. Yergacheffe - Yeah,man. I'm all about paper. I can't wait to go to this show! Thanks for the comment!