Want a classier, more minimalist look for your Gmail account? Check out Helvetimail by Josef Richter, a skin that makes all of your email show up in the Helvetica typeface. Works for most browsers. I installed it in FireFox in a matter of seconds. Neat.

via SwissMiss


  1. I was intrigued by this idea but I am put off by all the extra doo-dads that have to be installed in order for it to work. Plus the result only works on the one computer that you configured. If you use multiple computers or check your mail from multiple computers you will have to perform the same multiple steps on all of them.

    You can achieve very similar results by choosing your own colors in the "Themes" section of the "Settings" at the top of the screen in gmail. Plus the results work on any computer you use to check your mail.

  2. Tim - Agreed. I just have a typeface crush on Helvetica and can't keep from posting about it. Thanks for the comment.