Pencil Carving

What? Check out the amazing pencil carving prowess of Mizuta Tasogare and Kato Jado. Add two more people to the list of folks who possess more patience than me. That list is getting longer. This from the site:

"According to their forms,they are divided into 4 types - "Double spiral", "Chain", "Ring" and "Kikko" that may be called a honeycomb pencil. Others like "Six-fold spiral", "Extensible" and "Triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon" are considered to be variations based on one of those 4 types. "To take carving in the wood of a pencil", is certainly what pencil carving is all about. But we are required to be skilled enough for delicate woodwork in carving out a pattern like some kind of a tracery without making any miscut on the naked lead inside."

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  1. That's unreal. I can imagine carving a pencil. I've done a few pretty thin pieces of wood -- not that well, of course. But to do it WITHOUT cutting, nicking or snapping the lead? That's madness!

    Tom A

  2. Madness, indeed! Thanks for the comment Tom!