An Open Letter to Teachers

Dear Teachers,

You and I both know that just because someone knows how to do something well, doesn't mean they can teach it effectively. I've spent a good part of my life teaching people how to do things and I can confidently say, it's a separate skill. I've been to hundreds of classes, seminars, workshops and camps. In the teaching arena, at each of these events, there is wheat and there is chaff.

It's certainly alright to be a beginning teacher who is unsure of the most effective methods, feeling your way through and learning from experience. But there's a big difference between that and someone who is just not meant for the profession. If you are not a lifelong learner, if you cannot relate to each of the learning styles in some way, if you prefer not to work on the craft of teaching, you should probably get out.

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  1. Well said, and something I always have to keep in mind when I am teaching a class. I teach graphic design at a vocational school, and each of my students is slightly different in the ways that they learn.

    I am one of those "lifelong learners"... I'm always trying new things. I've seen bad teachers, good teachers, and GREAT teachers. I tip my hat to the great ones.

  2. Phoenyx - Thanks for the comment! And, hey, thanks for friending me on FB too!

  3. too true! I am currently taking a class that the teacher is just useless, and its ruining the class for me.