Pug v. Dalek

I love Pugs, but I'd really love to have that miniature Dalek! It would be even cooler if it was radio controlled!

from Mostly Forbidden Zone


  1. That Dalek is very cool indeed and the radio control thing would be so much fun! Can you imagine setting it loose on the main street where you live,that would be some laugh!
    Great pic by the way!
    Smileyfreak :)x!

  2. That's a great pic! To be honest, Paul, I fail to see how anyone could build a mini dalek and NOT make it radio controlled =)

    Smileyfreak, if I ever build a dalek, there's no doubt I'll be sitting at my window watching for the neighbour's reactions as it cruises the streets.

  3. It probably is radio controlled. It's looks very much like this one here: Radio Control Dalek - 12" scale Gold

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! Anon- I'm totally ordering an RC Dalek! Thanks for the link!

  5. I love the Dalek, the pug & the photo! Thanks for posting.