Unexpected Halloween Story - Chuck Scalin - Noah's Dad!

This little project gets better and better. After I ran the post with Noah Scalin's Halloween story, I got this email from his Dad, with the above picture attached:

Just read Noah's Halloween costume story on your blog. It brought back fond memories and thought I'd share this Halloween photo of his artist/educator parents (me and my wife) in homemade costumes before he was born.

The photo was taken in the bathroom of a colleague's house for a VCU School of the Arts faculty/student Halloween party in 1970, a couple of years after I began teaching at the University.

I remember that there were some pretty amazingly creative costumes there that evening. So eventually, of course Noah would also be dressed in several awesome Halloween costumes with themes he decided on that were either fabricated by us or partially fabricated by some of my students.

My wife is pictured here as Marlene Dietrich from the film "Blue Angel" and I came as her companion. Both of us in black (and white)--still our color of choice!

How sweet is that? Check out those mutton chops on Chuck! Noah, I think you and your Dracula cape just got OWNED! And by your own Dad!

Thanks for the great picture and story, Chuck! If you want to see more of Chuck Scalin's work, visit his website here.


  1. Ha, I don't mind. I know I've got cool parents!

  2. Noah - No doubt. My parents are both artists and equally cool. Here's to having cool parents!

  3. Cool parents generally have cool kids--we do and so do your parents! Thanks again Paul.

  4. i ave very close to the same facial hair
    and the same glasses, except mine are gold in color