Iron Fist!

Okay, all I can think of when I see the wrench from Designmartus is the old Kids in the Hall sketch about "pinching your face" and "crushing your head". Hilarious, yes, but not enough to make me want a weird hand wrench. But the fist hammer, oh, the fist hammer. THAT is a tool I must have.

via Crooked Brains


  1. I quite like the weird hand wrench! Although I haven't seen the sketch you refer to, I would have fun pinching my husband with it but probably not crushing him :)

  2. Thea,
    The sketch is hilarious. You shoukld check it out. Tell your husband I'm sorry.:-) Thanks for the comment!

  3. I so want the fist hammer. I could use it while wearing my barbed wire belt and feel even more powerful!

    But the wrench. I like the wrenches... Not sure if I should tell you this, but they brought to mind a certain hand gesture used when communicating the measurement of a certain male appendage. Maybe that's just girl talk, though, and not appropriate for DudeCraft. Sorry Dudes.