My Parents Were Awesome

Well, I found a brand new way to lose an hour of precious time. The My Parents Were Awesome blog features pictures of peoples parents from when they were "cool and edgy". It's a brilliant idea and a fascinating place to spend some time. Sort of heartwarming, actually. link

via NotCot


  1. What a neat idea and a great blog. My favorite so far is the two people in the car with the goat in the back seat. I see myself losing more than an hour over there, and I might just have to submit my folks (who, believe it or not, are still awesome).

  2. Melissa - Yay! My parents are still awesome too. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I remeber my parents when they were cool, not together though, apart they made a lot more sense. They were awesome individuals and they both had heaps of fun and goodtimes.