Organized by Color

Digging on this post over at Dornob about an artist who organized all her worldly belongings by color. Probably hell on house cleaning, but it makes for some nice photographs. My stuff, of course, is organized autobiographically. link


  1. Very nice photos indeed, and a post made all the more worthwhile by the closing gem:

    "My stuff, of course, is organized autobiographically."

    When do we see photos and a write-up of that system?... :-)

  2. Jon - Ah, if only I could take credit for that. It's actually a quote from the movie High Fidelity in which the protagonist explains that his record collection is organized autobiographically. Great movie. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Colour, yes please! Oh and that's the way we spell it down here in Australia.....

  4. Emma - Ha! It's taking every ounce of restraint not to make some kind of Australian spelling joke. Instead, I'll say thanks for the comment!