Sister Mary Corita - The Groovy Nun

Over at Art Knowledge News, I found this great little article on Sister Mary Corita (1918-1986). Sister Mary Corita was, at once, a pop artist, professor of art at Immaculate Heart College, and all around shaker up of things. Her beautiful print work involved ad slogans, pop music, and poetry mixed with quotes from people like Martin Luther King Jr., Rainer Maria Rilke, and Phillip Roth. This from the site:
"At the Immaculate Heart College where Corita taught art, her classrooms were known for their dynamic interdisciplinary environments, in which films were screened, pop music played and large-scale collaborative projects were conceived and executed. She created happenings such as the reinvigorated annual Mary's Day parade and invited her peers, including Buckminster Fuller, Ben Shann and Charles Eames, to lecture. "
Really makes me wish I knew this lady. A retrospective of her work is currently being shown at Zach Feuer Gallery in New York.


  1. Kinda reminds me of the Sister Wendy art videos...

  2. I love Sister Wendy!!! Thanks for the comment, H!

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