Some Crafty Advertising

Telegram to all advertising agencies: "Please start making more stuff that is fun to look at.(stop)In order to do so, please hire creatives who are creative.(stop)Take a look at the photos by Le Creative Sweatshop above.(stop) Do more stuff like this."(stop)

via DesignBoom


  1. Oh I like those. Interesting with the light coming from indoors and the drab outside ~ some occasions that is definitely the case. I feel like the comments above about clothes & houses. Flowy, beautiful, exotic clothes are hard to find. I also would love to see more variety in homes, Japanese styled to Ocatagonal!

  2. The problem isn't always the designer. I work for an agency and we come up with some pretty incredible stuff. The problem is the client. Creative means risk and most aren't comfortable with risk. So they give us ho-hum instructions and that's what we have to produce if we want to take home a paycheck.

  3. K-eM - Agreed. I've worked for agencies, and the client is, indeed, the number one creativity killer in any scenario.Thanks for the comment!

  4. note to advertisers:
    let the product sell itself.