The BAM Trike

Whoa! Check out this "personal mobility vehicle" from the mind of student, Alexander Vittouris. Quite the concept, wouldn't you say? This from the project description:
"The parts required for construction of the recumbent chassis have been reduced to encompass the outer framework of the vehicle. By using large molding sections of bamboo fiber, combined with Polylactide resin, the overall assembly complexities are reduced. The philosophy behind this innovative approach..."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, design school. Enough of your chatter. When do I get to dress like a Viking, get in this thing, and start slaying my enemies?

More information on the project can be found at Yanko Design.


  1. Whoa! I totally had the same viking thought. That is one bad ass trike!

  2. Tatman - Right? Makes you want to eco-pillage.

  3. STUNNING! I would just love to ride around on this! People would think I was sooo cool!

  4. I can totally see you as a Viking. If you do dress up, please take photos and blog about it!

  5. Great to see the viral spread of my concept thanks to the powers of the www...
    The fat lady hasn't sung yet.. BamTrike will become reality, and is, as we speak, developing into a insane beast!

  6. Alex - Your trike is incredible. Thanks for being insane!