Cathe Holden's FREE Vintage Printer's Cuts

I imagine, in my imagining time, that Cathe Holden's house is filled to the brim with books containing all the magical, vintage graphic goodness that exists in the world and that she is doling it out to us, one page at a time, for fear that we might be overwhelmed by it's collective power. Or alternately, she's a nice lady who gives us free stuff! This time, Cathe has scanned some beautiful vintage printer's cuts for us to use on our last minute Xmas cards or to tuck away in our clip art stash. Head over to Just Something I Made for the free downloads. Thanks Cathe!


  1. Thanks for sharing Dude...I'm off to check it out.

  2. Bridget - My pleasure. Roam Cathe's whole site. She's got tons of cool, free stuff over there. Thanks for the comment!