Christmas Day Handwarmers

Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I don't do "down time" very well. I always need a project going or I feel weird and start to fidgit after about an hour. So, I set my sights on knitting these handwarmers this weekend and, I gotta say, they're pretty dope. Here's the breakdown:

What I used:
Yarn: Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash - Tri-color Granite (any DK weight yarn will work), This is my first project with this yarn and I like it a lot. Warm and soft.

Straight needles: Size 7 and Size 8

Tapestry needle.

The Pattern:
The pattern for these hand-warmers is basically this one (lots of other cool stuff here too), except I left out the eyelets and started with a slightly larger needle. Also, I used a twisted rib, knitting into the back of each K. The pattern worked brilliantly for my hands, with no alteration necessary.



  1. Dude! If you have one of those wire pet brushes, turn the mitts inside out and lightly brush them with a slight 'pop and lift' motion. This will pull the short ends of the fibers out of the yarn (without weakening the yarn) and give you a soft 'fleece' lining to your mitts. Makes them 2X warmer at least!

    I do this both with gloves and mitts, as well as the inside of socks I knit.

  2. I'm the same, I started a new scarf today just so that I'd have something easy to knit whilst watching Dr Who. I am a fidgety knitting geekgirl and proud!

  3. Oh yeah...I definitely brought my yarn bag to my parent's house for Christmas. I can't sit still!

    The handwarmers are great! I wear a similar pair almost every day (It's cold in NY).

  4. I brought home the scarf I've been trying to knit all Autumn, but only one ball of yarn. Having had to unravel this thing a million times so far (first-ever knitting project) & start over, I figured one ball would last me for the weekend.
    Next time I'll know to bring home several skeins...used up all the yarn and didn't have to unravel once. Finally.
    No yarn in sight now, though..... guess this means it's time to go finish transposing swing music charts...

  5. Thanks for the comments everybody!
    Donna - I tried the pet brush thing. Thanks!
    Karla - I always bring too much yarn if I know I'm going to be trapped.:-)