Dental...Damn! Tooth Tattoing

Yes, it's true. Now, you too can have a hand painted "tooth tattoo". The folks over at Heward Dental Lab would be happy to slap Amy Winehouse (or the picture of your choice) on your bicuspid for a semi-modest fee. I can only imagine that the person who had the Tiger Woods portrait done is now avoiding smiles at all costs. link

Thanks Brian!


  1. Oh, this opens up so many possibilities. I love tattooing friends at the lake in the summer with Sharpie markers. This year I'm bringing a porcelain paint pen! LOL

  2. Cathe - Me first! Can you do Amy Winehouse?

  3. Aw, man!
    This is SO much cooler than those stupid grills raps stars wear these days.

    I'll take mine in chrome!

  4. PandaWolf - Agreed. Now you can have an art gallery in your mouth! Thanks for the comment.