Futuregirl Let's You Inside Her Brain

Anybody who's read DudeCraft for any amount of time knows that I'm fascinated with process as well as product. So, when I recently visited Alice's blog (she's one of the ace contributors on Make and Meaning) I was excited to see that she had written four posts about the design and implementation of her latest project, including scribbles and hieroglyphics. I confess, I didn't understand half of it, but that didn't keep it from being utterly fascinating. I, myself, will probably never make a sweater, but I love seeing how someone might go about it. Plus, Alice writes in an open and honest tone that makes it fun to read along. You can pay Alice a visit anytime over at

all photos by Alice Merlino


  1. holy crap! if i ever did want to crochet, i'm far too intimidated to now! this looks too much like math!!! lol

  2. Diane - Well, Alice is a special case. There are certainly easier things to do than what she does. She is what's known in the trade as: a total badass. You and me, we can make granny squares. :-)

  3. Diane ... Oh, no! Crochet is super-duper-easy! In fact, if you have a pattern to follow, it's cakier than cake. Super-cake, even. I tend to make things way harder than they need to be. It's my nature. :)

    Paul ... Maybe I should have a blog tagline, "total crochet badassery," what do you think? ;) Thanks for the props!

  4. Alice - Dude, you should have, like, an action movie trailer. "One woman, one hook, some indecipherable calculations...TOTAL...Crochet... Badassery!