Glowing Wood Sculptures

I went to a craft show yesterday against my better judgment. Usually, these type of local shows are crushingly disappointing in terms of their content. They aren't juried, they're kind of small, and the wares are not the best or hippest on the planet. Just when I thought that this show was no exception, I spotted Billy Hall's glowing wood sculptures, shining like a beacon of awesome from the corner of the room. Hall has been turning these beauties for twenty years and has perfected a lathe technique that allows him to hollow out his lampshades to paper thin perfection. Believe me when I tell you, the pictures don't do them justice.

When I asked Hall how many of these things he ruined in pursuit of his technique, he replied: "Let's just say that the first ten years we're a little rough."



  1. Wow, amazing. I would love to see one of those in real life. I went to a local craft fair a couple weeks ago and everything was kind of, um, disappointing (like you said). I have been spoiled by all the awesome craft shows in Portland...

  2. Heather - Yeah, as I said, the pictures don't do them justice. It's incredible to see a dozen or so of these all lit up in a room. Stunning. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Gorgeous! Can you remember a ballpark figure on the prices? The website reads "Call for prices" on the ones I like. "Call for prices" makes me think it's gonna be waaaaayyyyyy outta my pocketbook's budget.

    But dang, these are gorgeous!

  4. Becky - The ones I saw ranged from $450 to $1200. Best to call anyway though. You might find a bargain.

  5. Yikes! Seriously, the prices are appropriate for the beauty and the work done. But I'll have to wait til my son is a famous rock star. Then he can get me one for Christmas, one for my birthday, one for my Half-birthday (St Patrick's Day - another reason to party), one for Easter.........