Hobo Nickels

I love it when people send me stuff! Some of it I've seen already, some of it I've heard of, and sometimes, it's a total surprise. When Chase sent me a link to The Original Hobo Nickel Society, it definitely fell into the latter category. Not only had I not seen the items, I was completely unaware that there was an entire subculture surrounding nickel carving. I mean, these people are INTO it. I love stuff like this! Thanks Chase!


  1. Penny - Thanks. Maybe Mr. Murder should change his name to Hobo Nickels? Hell, maybe I should.

  2. These are spectacular. My Father is a numismatist & I've never heard of these.

  3. Bridget- Yeah, they are cool, aren't they? I had never heard of them either. Fascinating how many "fringe" hobbies there are that hardly anyone knows about. Thanks for the comment!