Man on a Western Mission

I love it when people are so clearly possessed by their passion that the create a separate but equally valid reality around it. Take Henryx, here. He's a slightly off center character from Hungary who is completely obsessed by the American West. As far as I can tell, he is creating his own Western town with a museum, an Indian teepee, and a saloon. He also builds some pretty bitchin' things like the crazy side car/military bike project below. Henryx, a tip of the ten gallon hat to you, my friend. Rock on.

For even more stuff from Henryx, you can visit his site here.

via Gizmodo


  1. You should keep an eye on this guy Paul... I think he's building in progression...his older bikes and looks were Wild West but the new bike and his look appears to be WW1 era specific... In one older photo he had full on Jeremiah Johnson style boots...those were SWEET... screw Uggs... haha

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