More Reader Portraits

I swear, it's like Christmas around here. It seems like I'm receiving awesome reader artwork every day. So cool. The latest folks to send along their creations are Ricky and Jake. Ricky did this sweet portrait of his girlfriend, Sara (above) and gave it to her for her birthday. Word on the street is, she loved it. Nice.

Jake decided to capture his friends' dogs as a Christmas present, proving the technique versatile enough to cover other parts of the animal kingdom. Wiener dog!

Great work guys! Thanks for sending those along.

Have you done a paper portrait using this technique? Please send it along so I can feature your work here. Don't know what I'm on about? You can see the original tutorial here.


  1. What a great inspiration! Thanks for the tutorial...I'd love to try it sometime!

  2. wow, those two portraits are amazing!

  3. Michelle and Anon - Yeah! People are doing cool stuff. You should give it a try! Thanks for the comments!

  4. I am so impressed with that dog portrait! I am doing one for my boyfriend of his dog that passed away this year.

  5. Sandi - That sounds great! Send a pic when it's finished. I'd love to post it! Thanks for the comment!