Optical Delusions

Surfing around I was, bored to the gills with what I was finding, and then, "Holy bunches of awesome!", I happened upon Keith Lo Bue's work over on the Make blog. I need me some of these glasses so I can be an old-school drafting super hero.

Keith also makes scads of other cool stuff and documents the crap out of his process over on his blog.


  1. If you can, take one of his classes. He lives in Australia, but comes to the USA at least once a year and travels all over teaching. He's a very giving teacher and his classes are wonderful. I'm sure the schedule is on his blog.

  2. Thanks Gail! I'll definitely check it out!

  3. never mind the glasses - they're really cool, but did you see the wearable book thing he made????

    for the love of god - the details!! i'm in awe.

  4. Hey, thanks for the good words, all, and Paul, thanks for plugging the website and enjoying my work. I'm having more fun than a human should be allowed. Almost.


    Keith Lo Bue

  5. Keith - Thanks for the comment! Your stuff is ridiculously cool. Thanks for being so awesome.