Post Xmas- Reader Portrait Mega-Post

Well, I had a feeling this might happen. After St. Nick made his deliveries, I got a slew of super cool reader portraits in the email. I love it that this project keeps on going and that so many people are having a blast with it. Below, is the most recent crop. Enjoy!

Joel did these two beauties as family presents. You can read and see more on his blog, The Salad Days

Christin created this touching memorial of her cousin.

John made this fantastic trio, featuring his grandsons. He's also created some others you can see on his website.


Debbie made a series of portraits, including some sweet type, as an inside joke between her and some friends who are enamored with the truly terrible film, The Room. You can read the story and see the other portraits here.

Laura put this under the tree for her brother and his girlfriend. Nice move, sis!

Finally, Stacy burned the Midnight oil to finish up this awesome portrait of Victor Wooten for her son, the aspiring musician.

Big thanks to all the folks who have sent in their work so far. I get a big kick out of looking at all the great things you've done! Keep 'em coming. If you haven't tried this technique yet but would like to, you can find the original tutorial here.

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