Sultan of Sand

My buddy, Austin sent me a link to this photoset this morning and I was blown away. Check out that detail in the skin! We're thinking the artist is Roy Villafane who did this for a show called Sultans of Sand that had a Dante's Inferno theme, but we are unsure. If I got it wrong, please correct me in the comments.

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  1. Close, The artists name is Ray Villafane. He is an awesome artist. this was only his second time out carving sand. the company he worked for is mine (Varano Sand Sculpture Company LLC aka the Sultans Of Sand Worldwide -like us on facebook & check out the web site www.sultansofsand.com) Technically he had a little help finishing,as this was done in just ten days but the art is all him.It was in Jesolo (Venice) Italy, and it was for an annual sand sculpture show I direct there. Each year it features a different theme, and that year it was indeed Dante's Inferno. Google Ray to see his INCREDIBLE portfolio