Color Me Schooled, On Robot Bands, Anyway

See? Here's another reason to love blogging. You put up a post, and a few hours later, folks are like: "Hey, that's cool, but here's something cooler". Such was the case with the roboband, featured in the last post. Before the ink was even dry on that one, Slag and Felix redirected my attention to a "real" robot band called, The Trons, built by New Zealand mechanical engineer, Greg Locke. This from the site:

"During the 1990s, while a member of the New Zealand musical duo The Emersons, Greg Locke toyed with the concept of developing a robotic drummer. This idea, years later, fuelled the idea of creating an entire band that consisted only of robots. The individual members of the Trons took eight to nine months to build and were created from the electronic equipment out of old decommissioned photocopy-card vending machines (which Locke built), various scavenged parts and some more advanced equipment."

More here and here. Thanks Slag and Felix!


  1. might i also point you in the direction of this fine band? But first, prepare your eyes for a visual nightmare of the mismatched-color-variety:

    They've been around for awhile; i believe the theme of their last tour was motivational speaking. They blew my mind. For real.

  2. One of the cool things about The Trons' gigs is the anthropomorphic effect they seem to have on their audience. You'll hear people talking about the machines as "the drumMER" or "the guitar PLAYER" quite effortlessly.

  3. felix - Love it. People are funny that way, aren't they? What is it that makes us want to anthropomorphize everything?