Doug's Record Player Animation

Speaking of animation, check out this sweet record player animation that Doug sent me this morning. Pretty sweet! Here's his formula:

The slowest setting on my record player is 33 1/3 RPM.
My friend's digital movie camera records at 30 FPS.

RPM means revolutions per minute.
FPS means frames per second.

One revolution is when the turn table rotates 360°.

360° * 33 1/3RPM = 12,000° per minute

12,000° per minute = 200° per second

200° / 30FPS = 6 2/3° per frame.

360° / 6 2/3° = 54

What all this means is that if I come up with 54 drawings placed at 6.6666° intervals around the edge of a turntable and set it playing at 33 1/3 RPM then video tape it at 30 FPS I should be able to turn those 54 drawings into an animation.

Head over to here see Doug's video of the results.

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