Email Full of Awesome

I know I always say that I'm thrilled to see reader projects in my email, but it's true, I really am. It makes a dude's day, in fact. The cool thing is, it seems to come in bunches, so some days are way cooler than others. Today was one of those days. First, I got this portrait (above) from Sophie, who had long ago promised her brother a painting, but ended up doing a paper portrait instead. Looks awesome!

 Next, I got this sweet mixed-media piece from Roxxierae, who said she was also inspired by the paper portraiture she had seen here on DudeCraft. I love this piece!

Lastly, I got a bunch of photos from Matt who was inspired by my post about leather belts being used as flooring. It seems the dang fool kid went out and got himself some belts and some spray adhesive and made his own version looks totally bitchin'! Great job, Matt.

Once again, a hearty thanks to everyone who has been sending pictures along. Please add them to the DudeCraft Flickr pool if you get a chance!

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