Handmade Animated GIF

Oh my goodness!! This is the coolest analog toy. Somebody please figure out the spacing necessary for this, make one, and then tell me all that you've learned, so I don't have to go through the experimentation process. C'mon, I'll give you a cookie.

UPDATE: Figured it out. Tutorial to follow.

via Ignant Blog


  1. OK. First you need a three-frame animation. Next you need to make your screen. The screen would have alternating one-eighth-inch wide clear strips and three-eighths-wide opaque strips. Then you cut your three frames into eighth-inch strips and stagger them so that one image shows at a time through the clear part of your screen.

    Ta da.

    You could do this with any number of animation frames and any width of strips:

    y = number of animation frames
    z = width of clear strip on screen
    y times z = width of opaque strip on screen

  2. Ack! I was wrong!

    In the example, the opaque strip should be one-fourth-inch wide.

    In the eqation, the opaque strips would be:

    (y times z) - y

  3. OMG! I just noticed that you were offing a cookie! MMMmmmm. :)

  4. There are three children's books out that use this "scanimation" technique. Check out Gallop!, Waddle!, and Swing! My kids adore them. I couldn't figure it out the first time opened the book!

  5. Dude, you just blew my mind. Awesome stuff!

  6. Alice - You win the cookie if this works. I might have to try to make one of these today.

    Anon - Yeah, I found the scanimation books shortly after I posted this. They are amazing! Thanks!