Indelible - The Engraving of Jason Dumars

I love hold-outs. You know, the lone gunslingers who refuse to let an art form die and do everything within their ability to breathe new life into it. Dreamers, optimists, crazies. So, when I got an email from Jason Dumars with some tasty photos of the instrument engraving he does, I was intrigued. Then, when I took a look at his Flickr set, I was blown away.

This from Jason:
"When I was young, I saw a photo of one of the old engraved instruments and it set my heart on fire. I started drawing the patterns literally every day, sometimes for hours. I doodled them on every scrap piece of paper I had, and even tried some primitive engraving using a sharpened screwdriver on my own sax. In 2002 I saw an auction on eBay for engraving tools and I bought them to see if I could do it for real. I taught myself how to hand engrave through trial and error and some very serious injuries. Since that time I have been able to do some famous player's horns, and even some limited edition things for instrument manufacturers."

Thanks for sharing, Jason!
You can see more of Jason's work here.

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  1. These are amazing. I'm fortunate to own one of those original Selmer saxophones that inspired Jason. Thanks for sharing.