Paper Luminosity - The Recent Work of Rob Ryan

I've been a fan or Rob Ryan's papercuts for some time now. I dig the style and inventiveness his displays when wielding ye olde x-acto knife. So, when I recently visited his blog to see what was new, you can imagine how knocked out I was by this Christmas piece he did that is on a background of electroluminescent paper. Awesome!


  1. Okay, so that's what my aspirations are to be able to do with this paper cutting that I've begun doing! Wow! I have a couple of people who have offered to pay me to do the paper cut portraits like I did of my grand daughters. I wonder how to price them? Since I'm a beginner, I don't want to be overpriced.

  2. I recently visited Rob's exhibition here in England:
    It was truly inspiring. His images and words have such an innocent, dream-like quality...just beautiful. The new book is great too.
    I want to live in Rob Ryan's world!

  3. julia- email me and we can talk about what you might charge.

    sue - Thanks for the comment and the link! I'll have to look for that book.