Prison Art

I got to thinking about prisoners the other day and how hard it must be to be a creative person in that situation. Why? I don't know. My mind wanders a lot. Anyway, my curiosity lead me to Prison Art, run by an ex-political prisoner who brokers art for people who are still on the inside. Some of the work is pretty fantastic, and all of it is, at the very least, fascinating.


  1. cool stuff! artists come from all walks of life.

  2. I correspond with a person in prison and he makes the most amazing pieces....flying eyeballs...from the items that he has access to, like toilet paper and plastic forks. Amazingly creative. I'll write to him about the Prison Art site. Thanks for showing these images.

  3. Mim - Right! I forgot about that. I saw one of his pieces at your house when I was visiting Richmond. Amazing stuff. Thanks for the comment!