Tattooed Bowling Pins

Definitely digging on the work of illustrator, Nate Holmes Trapnell. I know the Holidays are over, but if you were to buy me one of these gorgeous bowling pins, I wouldn't be mad atcha. :-)

via NotCot


  1. Wow... that's fantastic! Love the black illustration on the white pin with the red pin stripes peaking out at top. Would have the same effect if the illustration was in color.

  2. Jeanee - Right? I love bowling pins!!!

  3. It's a whole new way to look at bowling. Never again shall I be happy at the lanes, with their tawdry pins.
    Shall he paint bowling balls, I wonder? And shall he paint a "pin"head? I had to, I just had to say that.
    Quite a lovely blog and instead of streamlining bookmarks, I'm adding; eeek!