Cable Knits

I don't know what size needles Kosuke Tsumura is using, but I'm loving the results. It cant be easy to knit that hugely thick cable. Worth it, I think. You?

via Japan Trends


  1. hmm... Gives me ideas for cable management. Instead of trying to hide all the cordage behind a desk why not knit that bird nest into something awesome!

    Wait, would that be considered a cable knit?

    (going to stand in the corner for a bad pun)

  2. I am a doofus... I didn't catch the post's title.

    note to self: Don't comment on posts pre-morning coffee.

  3. I continue to enjoy your 'roving reporter' finds, especially anything to do with fibre. I imagine the artist discovered, when knitting with anything large or unwieldy like cable or garden hose or ivy that the arms are the best knitting needles. And I like Joel's comment (though I suspect it was tongue in cheek) that unsightly cordage can be made eye appealing.

  4. Joel - No harm, no foul. Coffee up, my brother!

    Karen - Thanks for that!

  5. I'd like to see these cables used to make those macrame plant hangers. Might be great for the office decor.