DudeCraft Flickr Pool Roundup

I check on the DudeCraft Flickr pool once a week on Sundays and, I'll tell you, it's like having Christmas come every week. Check out all the astonishingly cool work DudeCraft readers are up to. You guys amaze me. Thanks for sharing your work!

Papercut Portrait by Lauren Hoddy
Black Mamba Felted Sculpture by Felted Chicken

Footprints by Eraser Carver

Tatted Mask by Burgundy Imp
Papercut portrait by Timbu mostly cut by 8 year-old daughter. Wow!

Want to join the fun? Upload pictures of your latest projects here. My only request is that you keep it clean in language and content. There are lots of teachers who refer to DudeCraft in their classrooms and lots of minors who read along too. Thanks!


  1. Thanks so much for showing my work - thrilled! I am loving everyone else's work in the group, it's always fun to log in and see what everyone has been creating. Cheers!

  2. eraser carver - Thanks for the comment. I absolutely love your footprint series. Really. really cool. Thanks for putting them in the pool!

  3. I... wow. Thank you. Showing up there rather made my day. (Burgundy Imp. I made the mask, from the lovely pattern by TotusMel)

    Hehehe! Cool. Thank you again! :D

  4. Kristen - Glad to do it! Nice work!