Flickr Pool Roundup - Week of 2/14

The Dude Craft Flickr Pool was bursting at the seams with amazing stuff this week! There was bleach stenciling, fantastic papercuts, macrame, needlepoint, and the list goes on. To view all the projects, head over here. Big thanks to all the folks who took the time to upload their projects! There would be no post without you.

To kick it off, we have this stunning architectural papercut by Liz Martin that was a wedding present for her friends.

Among other things, Don Walls contributed this awesome, macrame covered, Mickey's bottle.

Elin Jernberg whipped up a pair of X Files portraits that would make Chris Carter proud.

Schniders got crafty with a Beastie Boys needlepoint piece.

tbz contributed this sweet papercut, baby portrait.

Lisa Clarke got more than she bargained for with her Dalek snowman. Exterminate!

I guess we know Lauren Hoddy's views on smoking now.

Finally, local boy, Ted Hobgood makes good with this retro Doc Savage t-shirt that he stenciled with bleach.

Want to see your project on DudeCraft? Just upload your pics here and you may end up on the front page!

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