Free Thinking - A Live Event on MakeandMeaning.com

Attention all DudeCraft readers, there's been a lot of talk about the concept of free and what effect the gift economy is having on the business of craft. So much talk, in fact, that some of us over at Make and Meaning decided to host a liveblogging round table, centered around all questions that come up when we talk about "free". I hope you'll join us and jump into the conversation. Here's the official announcement:

On Tuesday, February 16th, we’ll be hosting a live blogging event over at Make and Meaning, concerning the hotly debated subject of “free”. This is your chance to jump into the discussion in real time, ask questions, float ideas, and learn more about what “free” means to the art and craft communities. Simply log on to this page at 8PM EST on Tuesday, the 16th of February and jump right in. 

Perhaps you're asking yourself what the heck I'm talking about? Reading my post here and Diane's post here will be a good primer for the conversation. Make sure you check out the comment sections too. Lots of good stuff there.

What is a Live Blog? A Live Blog is a conversation that happens in real-time, on a webpage, at a specified time. Often, live blogs are used to disseminate up to the minute information on product launches and keynote speeches, but we see the opportunity to use them as a live forum in this case, allowing you, the reader to join the conversation so we can get a true "back and forth" dialogue going. If our little experiment works, you can look forward to a lot more where this came from.


  1. Sounds very interesting. Putting it on the calendar now. Just gotta remember to look at my calendar.

  2. Becky, If you go to the event page and you scroll down to the Liveblog screen, there's a place where you can set an email reminder for yourself. Cheers!